Estimatio is integrated by a group of professionals specializing in providing consultations in the field of Healthcare Systems, which include Public and Private Sectors. Estimatio has extensive experience in the management and knowledge of High Specialty Markets and Market Access in Mexico and LATAM.




Our missions is to satisfy the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare institutions through services of excellence. Achieve an integral solution to the current problems of competition and difficult positioning of healthcare products and services with the highest quality of scientific support with a coordinated high-level professional team in the fields of scientific research, health economics, epidemiology and market access.




Our vision is to sustain a company at the forefront of innovation in the form and methods with which the results of our services are presented to our clients, by consistently applying and making use of new technologies. Become the leading consultation company in scientific research, epidemiology and health economics. Through the combination of innovation, dynamic problem solving and scientific foundations of beachfront, we are capable of offering the best solution to achieve the sales target and positioning our customers.



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