Our services are designed to have a complete approach of the product´s life cycle, from its development, market size and positioning, to product release and the evaluation of governmental policies.


All our services are Ad Hoc plans and designs for each client to fulfill their needs. The services we provide are:


  • Epidemiological Surveillance Studies
  • Physicians mapping in the National Healthcare System.
  • Patient Journey and Market Share Analysis in the Public and Private Healthcare Sectors
  • Economic Evaluations (Cost-Effectiveness Models, Cost-Utility Models, Cost-Minimizing Models and Budget Impact Analysis).
  • Shared Risk Economic Evaluation
  • Pay by results  Market Strategies
  • Burden of Disease at the Micro and Macro Cost Analysis
  • Inclusion of Drugs at the National Formulary and Institutional catalogs (IMSS, ISSSTE, etc.)
  • Results Publication (Congress, Meetings, Paper Publications, etc.)
  • Development of Measuring Tools (Calculators, Presentations, Ipad, etc.)
  • Development of Surveys (Modified Delphi Panel Methodology and Deep Interview)
  • Impact Evaluations



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